Add Horizontal Scrollbar for Wide Dashboards in Rapid Portal

Use Case: I have a some dashboards that have a lot of info and are very wide. I’m using the new sidebar layout in Rapid Portal v2. Because of the width, the dashboards are getting cutoff and I need to expose a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the page so I can scroll the full width of the dashboard.

To expose a horizontal scrollbar when using the sidebar layout in Rapid Portal you need to tweak the code on the index.html page.

  1. Navigate to Admin code editor in the user menu > navigate to /index.html page
  2. In the body of the code, after the nav buttons you will see a line of code that looks like <div class="h-100 w-100 overflow-hidden m-0 d-flex border-box">
  3. Adjust the overflow-hidden to overflow-auto
  4. Save and you are set!