Connecting to Tableau Online

I would like to use Mitto to connect to Tableau Online. Tableau Online is not Tableau Server, rather we are paying Tableau to host our data for us.

I can see the server URL from them (e.g. and our site name. I know the table name to use tsevents.

I do not know (a) What job type to use in Mitto to connect to this table nor (b) any special syntax needed to connect.

Hey @BlueFlamingo,
Mitto can interact with Tableau Online thru various job types like Tableau Extract Refresh jobs, Tableau Export Jobs, and Subscription Jobs.

I’m not really sure Tableau Online (now Tableau Cloud) allows external clients to connect to any data tables on Tableau’s hosted server.

What exactly is your use case?

Hi @greg.rossi

Thanks for your quick reply!

We use Tableau Online to host our Tableau data so we don’t have to manage any servers. The downside to this is, that Tableau Online also “owns” the tables that contain the usage stats (e.g. TS Events, TS Users).

I can see these tables when I open up Tableau and connect to the “Tableau Server”. However, I do not know how to connect Zuar to these tables and access the usage stats.

Hey @BlueFlamingo,
Sounds like you’ve checked most of the boxes and unfortunately there is no way to query usage data in Tableau Cloud from outside of Tableau.

It sounds like you may have already come across this but you can interact with the data via “Admin Insights” Use Admin Insights to Create Custom Views - Tableau