Different Logos inside the rapid portal and on the login screen

Use Case: You’ve used the customizer to add a logo to your Rapid Portal. You find that the logo you’ve uploaded is great for the login page but you’d like to use a different logo for the navbar inside of your portal. Here is how to accomplish this:

  1. Start by uploading the alternative logo to be used inside of the portal by navigating to the admin editor (click the user menu dropdown inside of the portal > Admin) and click upload in the top right menu. You can also navigate straight to this page by browsing to https://yourportalurl.com/admin/upload

  2. Drag your logo from your computer to the middle of the page to upload it into the portal.

  3. Navigate back to the page editor by clicking Edit from the top right menu.

  4. Select the index.html page from the Enter a file path and name to edit dropdown menu.

  5. Find the z-logo element on the page that looks like <z-logo height="30" class=""></z-logo>, comment it out or remove it, and replace it with <img src="/assets/logo.png" height="30">

  6. Within the quotes of the src= , add the path to your new logo. It will look something like src="/assets/nameofnewlogo.png". You can also adjust the size of the logo by editing the height value.

  7. Save!

Your new logo should now show up on the main page of your Rapid Portal. This process can be used to adjust the logo on the login page as well!