Emails containing a URL to an XLS file

Goal: Ingest an XLS that is provided via a URL in an email.


  • We have a vendor that only sends out scheduled datasets via email… but the email doesn’t contain the actual Excel document, rather the email contains a URL that needs to be clicked on to download the file.
  • This link is only available for ~30 days. (Probably not an issue, just FYI)
  • The URL link looks something like: “Error during processing.…”
  • The vendor has said they can not send the actual XLS document over email, only the link.

Question: What jobs are needed to automatically “open” the link and import the XLS to our Mitto box?

Hey @BlueFlamingo,

The current IMAP job only downloads file attachments from emails and doesn’t do anything with links to files.

A few questions about the use case:

  • Is the link URL always the same or unique to each email/file?
  • When you click the link, do you have to authenticate in some way to download the file (try in Incognito if you aren’t sure) or is the file in the link publicly available?