How to fetch input data from an API in Mitto?

Has anyone ever used API’s data as inputs in Mitto? The Zuar API Inputs page shows currently under construction.
Not sure how to query data from an API and do the daily update in Mitto? Any of your experience sharing or suggestions will be highly appreciated! Thanks!

Hey @linli!

APIs are a very common source of data for Mitto. Creating a Mitto job to get data from an API really depends on the API you are trying to use. In simple cases, sometimes you can use a File Download job (cURL), which is basically a Command Line Job formatted for this purpose.

In more complex cases you may need to write an custom python script. Zuar also has number of connectors prebuilt and supported. They can be found on this page .

Lastly, we are working on a connector template so that Mitto users can build their own API connectors. This will likely be completed in a couple of months.

What is the API you are trying to use to get data?