Is it possible to point the "Database" page of my Mitto instance to Snowflake instead?

The database page is super valuable to check the size and location of my tables within a database. Is it possible to point it away from Mitto’s postgres and to Snowflake?

The Mitto UI’s database page currently only points to Mitto’s internal PostgreSQL database server’s analytics database.

For example: https://your_mitto_url/#!/database/analytics

You can use Mitto’s API and the databases API endpoint to look at other databases on Mitto’s internal PostgreSQL database server, for example the mitto database.


  • https://your_mitto_url/api/databases/mitto
  • https://your_mitto_url/api/databases/mitto/schemas/public
  • https://your_mitto_url/api/databases/mitto/schemas/public/tables/jobs

I’ll put in a feature request for using the databases page in the Mitto UI against external databases.