Mitto - Deleting Sequences

Hello Mitto -

When you want to REMOVE (aka DELETE) a [SEQUENCE] in Mitto - you get a pop-up box with 3 selections, see image below.

Main Question: It seems option #2 and #3 are the same - can you please explain how they are different?

FYI - When I try either #2 or #3, both delete the [SEQUENCE] itself. In addition – in both options – any jobs contained in that now-deleted [SEQUENCE] are also removed from any other [SEQUENCES] they may be in.

FYI2 - As a potential product enhancement, would it be possible to have a pop-up that WARNS the end user that if they choose #2 (or #3) - that other SEQUENCES will have the job removed from them has well? It would be awesome if the error message explicitly noted which SEQUENCES would be impacted. Right now, there isn’t any warning/prompt for the end user of potentially unintended consequences, that is, deleting jobs from other SEQUENCES. (The deleted job(s) which can then NOT be recovered/restored in the current GUI).


Hey @BlueFlamingo, here is how 2 and 3 work:

2 - This will delete any top level jobs and sequences in the sequence being removed. This also means it will retain any nested jobs or sequences that are not at the top level. For example, if you have Main Sequence that has Main Job and Child Sequence that contains a Child Job, Main Sequence, Main Job, and Child Sequence will be deleted while Child Job will be retained.

3 - This will delete top level jobs and sequences and attempt to delete any nested jobs or sequences. For example, if you have Main Sequence that has Main Job and Child Sequence that contains Child Job, all of the above will be removed.

FYI1: The reason this happens is because every job is unique so if it is deleted from one sequence, it will be deleted everywhere as there is only 1 version of the job that lives in Mitto, which can be used in multiple places.

I will go ahead and add a feature request ticket for FYI2! Please let me know if you have any other questions.