Mitto - How do I Use Rclone to Download Files from Microsoft OneDrive?

A client has provided me with a link to their OneDrive directory. I would like to transfer the files located in that directory (Excel spreadsheets) to Mitto. I imagine this is a good use case for the Rclone job.

I have been able to connect and copy a file from Onedrive using RClone on my local machine using my own Onedrive as a test, however how would I enable this on Mitto for the link my client has provided.

I believe they also have Sharepoint, could using Rclone for sharepoint be a better solution?

Hey @gregpowell! Thank you for the question!

@Andy wrote a few blog posts with more specifics on using the Mitto Rclone integration:

It would be great if you could add a Onedrive specific set of instructions.

Added a onedrive section to the blog: Mitto and Rclone - Custom Jobs