Mitto Minor Release 2.9.8 | Tableau MFA

As many are aware, Salesforce recently released new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) requirements on all products developed on the Salesforce platform - including Tableau Cloud.

Zuar recently released a Blog post that outlines the potential impact and we’ve included measures to avoid disruptions to your data pipeline here!

If you are leveraging Tableau Extract Refresh jobs on Mitto and you will be implementing MFA for signing in to Tableau Cloud (or Tableau Server), this point release is applicable to you.

In 2.9.8, Mitto now has the ability to leverage Personal Access Tokens to replace username and password so that MFA can be enabled. Mitto documentation has been updated to reflect this new change! Mitto's Tableau Extract Refresh Plugin | Zuar hosted upgrades will begin next week. Schedule your on-prem upgrade today!