Mitto - Rclone and Comments

Can you add comments to an Rclone job in Mitto?

It sounds like you should be able to use the hashtag (Comment line in config-file? - #3 by thestigma - Help and Support - rclone forum) - but when I add this to an Rclone CMD job in Mitto - the job errors out (and actually kicks me out of Mitto).

I would love to add comments to an Rclone CMD job in MItto - ideally in the first couple of lines of the job.

Hey @BlueFlamingo! If you build an RCLONE job like referenced here:
Mitto and Rclone Custom Jobs | Zuar - which is a generic job set to rclone type and the configuration is JSON, then you should be able to add comment text by using // at the start of the line.

//Insert comment text here!
  command: copy
  credentials: null
  targets: {
    source: ":dropbox:/"
    destination: /var/mitto/data/
  timeout_seconds: 18000
  rclone_flags: [
      flag: --dropbox-token
      value: '''{"access_token":"token created when setting up rclone remote locally"}'''

Is this a viable option for your use case?