Mitto v2.9 Sneak Peak - Imap Improvements

Previous to Mitto v2.9, imap jobs, which download attachments from incoming emails, were limited to file types common in email attachments. So if you had an email with an xlsm attachment (for example) Mitto would not download the file.

Starting in Mitto v2.9 users can specify matching extensions with a config like the following:

    "credentials": {
    "filename_format": "from_email_{safe_root}.{ext}",
    "label": "\"mitto\"",
    "matching_extensions": [
    "server": ""

With matching_extensions specified, Mitto will attempt to search for those file types.

Also new to Imap jobs, is better logging of the files Mitto finds available for download. Starting in 2.9, If you look at the top of the job logs, you will now see something like the following::

[2021-04-09T17:56:37] INFO [root] Found attachments:
[2021-04-09T17:56:37] INFO [root] 1. file1.pdf
[2021-04-09T17:56:37] INFO [root] 2. 2020-december.csv
[2021-04-09T17:56:37] INFO [root] 3. file2.xlsm
[2021-04-09T17:56:37] INFO [root] ------