Mitto v2.9 Sneak Peek - Files - Pagination and Search

We never imagined Mitto users would be adding/syncing/creating so many files with Mitto. These days, we are seeing many Mitto instances with thousands of files. In certain cases, opening the files page in the Mitto UI can lead to a slow and frustrating user experience.

Mitto v2.9 is bringing two improvements to the Files page to address this:

  • Pagination
  • Search


Instead of loading every file available to the Mitto user, Mitto now shows a subset of files and allows the user to page through the results. This should result in a very fast user experience when interacting with the files page.


Instead of scrolling through a list of all available files, Mitto users will be able to search for the exact files they need.

RegEx Search

In addition to standard search, Mitto v2.9 also includes the ability to search using regular expressions.

This paired with the regular expression used in a Mitto RegEx input job allows you to know exactly which files will be processed with the RegEx job.

Disclaimer: Content discussed in this thread is subject to change pending product release.

Added RegEx search to the post above.