Mitto v2.9 Sneak Peek - UI Improvements - Jobs

Mitto v2.9 brings several UI improvements to the job page:

  • Created and last updated timestamps
  • Next scheduled run and delta of runs
  • “End of” options for schedules
  • Additional timeout options (custom)
  • Detailed error messages when editing a job’s JSON config

Created and Last Updated Timestamps

In Mitto v2.9, see when a job was created and last updated in the UI on any individual job’s page.

Next scheduled run and delta of runs

Mitto v2.9 adds more information to the “Run info” section for each job:

  • Next scheduled run - The date and time of the the next job run.
  • Delta of runs - The time between the current and next job run.

Both of these new data points are based off the schedule of the job.

So, for example, if we change the schedule to “end of month”, the values update accordingly:

“End of” Options for Schedules

Mitto v2.9 adds three “end of” schedules to jobs:

  • End of month
  • End of quarter
  • End of year

Now you can set these schedules without having to jump through hoops with custom CRON logic or creating duplicates of the same job/sequence with different schedules.


Additional Job Timeout Options

Previous versions of Mitto included these job timeout options:


Mitto v2.9 adds two new options:

  • 3 hours
  • Custom - Specify the exact number of minutes for a job timeout.



Detailed Error Messages When Editing a Job’s JSON Config

In Mitto v2.9, error messages are much more specific when editing a job’s JSON config.
Mitto even tells you which line and character position the error was found at.

See also: Mitto v2.9 Sneak Peek - Job Configs - Hjson support

Compare this with errors in prior versions:

Added information about next scheduled run and delta of runs.