Mitto v2.9 Sneak Peek - UI Improvements - Jobs

Mitto v2.9 brings several UI improvements to the job page:

  • Created and last updated timestamps
  • “End of” options for schedules
  • Additional timeout options (custom)
  • Detailed error messages when editing a job’s JSON config

Created and Last Updated Timestamps

In Mitto v2.9, see when a job was created and last updated in the UI on any individual job’s page.

“End of” Options for Schedules

Mitto v2.9 adds three “end of” schedules to jobs:

  • End of month
  • End of quarter
  • End of year

Now you can set these schedules without having to jump through hoops with custom CRON logic or creating duplicates of the same job/sequence with different schedules.


Additional Job Timeout Options

Previous versions of Mitto included these job timeout options:


Mitto v2.9 adds two new options:

  • 3 hours
  • Custom - Specify the exact number of minutes for a job timeout.



Detailed Error Messages When Editing a Job’s JSON Config

In Mitto v2.9, error messages are much more specific when editing a job’s JSON config.
Mitto even tells you which line and character position the error was found at.

See also: Mitto v2.9 Sneak Peek - Job Configs - Hjson support

Compare this with errors in prior versions: