Pick up ALL tabs in an Excel workbook and UNION ALL

Question: What is the best way to pick up data from ALL tabs in an Excel workbook and then union all of the data together into a single table?

Background: We release an updated list every month. We have ONE Excel workbook that holds all of this information, with one tab corresponding to each month.

The columns are the same tab to tab (i.e. month to month).

For example, these are the tabs (and the data each holds) in a single workbook:
Tab 1 = Jan 2021
Product A, 500
Product B, 200
Product C, 1000

Tab 2 = Feb 2021
Product A, 500
Product C, 900

Tab 3 = March 2021
Product A, 1
Product B, 5
Product C, 900
Product D, 100

Hey @BlueFlamingo! Thank you for the great question.

Mitto’s RegEx input doesn’t currently support multiple tabs from the same Excel workbook, but I will create a feature request for this.

In the meantime, you could save each tab of the Excel workbook as a CSV and use the RegEx input on those CSV files.