Picking up DECIMALS in XLS

Hi Zuar -

I have an XLS that is being successfully ingested into Mitto via an rClone job.

One of the columns I am picking up from the XLS contains decimals. These decimals are SHOWING as integers in XLS. If I expand the # of decimal places to show in XLS, I can see there are indeed decimals.

In Mitto, I use an io job to change the XLS sheet to a table in Postgres.

The problem is when I query the table in Postgres, it isn’t picking up any of the decimal places that are in the XLS. Rather, it is assigning a data type of “int4”.

When I try to cast the field in the Mitto [SQL] job (using ::numeric) – the data type updates to show it is indeed a numeric – but only shows .00 for decimals – in other words, it is still really an integer.

Q: How do I get Mitto to pick up decimals in the XLS file (even if they are formatted to not show) and show the exact, equivalent number in Postgres?

I ran a test that I’m not sure is valid. In my test, I used a spreadsheet with columns holding decimal values, then set the column format to a numeric column w/ no decimal places. If I click on a value, I see the true decimal value in the formula bar and the sheet itself shows only the integer.

When the Mitto job runs, it stores the decimal values as expected. I’m not certain if this is a difference in Mitto versions (tested on 3.2.16)

Can you let me know the job ID # where you ran into this (and filename if possible) and I can test with your job configuration and file. I don’t want to post some detailed reply that’s wildly off-base.