SQL Works in DataGrip but not in Mitto (Snowflake)


I have a SQL job that drops a table then creates a new table by joining tables and unioning tables. I can get this entire SQL to run in datagrip successfully but in Mitto it fails with an “Unexpected EOF Error” which means it’s parsing the statement to the end before executing or something?

I have the “split” parameter in the JSON set to true and transaction set to false per the answer to Greg Powell’s question on the forums (Mitto SQL Jobs Best Practice).

Any help would be appreciated!

Hey @will please create a support ticket so we can see the SQL. We will respond here with a solution as well.

Hey @will! Thank you for the support ticket.

The SQL in the job was using -- comments in the SQL statements. We replaced those with multi-line comments /* */ and the job ran successfully.

See relevant Mitto documentation on SQL commenting.

Mitto v2.9’s HJSON job configs allow for all types of commenting.