What are the options for executing Javascript on a Custom Portal page or window?

How can I get Javascript to execute under certain conditions in a custom portal page? I’ve tried to dynamically set the URL of a Tableau block by referring to the content ID using the following methods:

  • Using a button:
    <button onclick="zPortal.tableau.setUrl('<contentId<=>', <dynamicTableauURL>)">Set Dashboard URL</button>

  • When page loads:
    window.onload=function(){ zPortal.tableau.setUrl(<contentId<=>', <dynamicTableauURL>) }

The issue with the page load is that is occurs before filter blocks are applied. I need this to be set after filters are applied to the dashboard. I’d also like some guidance on other function types available.

We’ve got a dev ticket in for the Tableau specific behavior you describe.

Here’s general information about onload: GlobalEventHandlers.onload - Web APIs | MDN