Zuar Portal New Features 2.2.1 - Full Screen & Tabs

Zuar has just released a new version of Zuar Portal (2.2.1) and there are a couple new features that can enhance the user experience!

  1. We’ve added a new custom element/button that allows you to make your dashboards full screen for presentations and distraction free viewing. Simply edit your index.html file from the admin editor > next to your other z-nav toolbar elements add an additional element <z-nav-fullscreen-button variant="primary"> > save!

  2. We’ve added the ability to turn on dashboard tabs for easy navigation, emulating the experience on Tableau Server. <z-tableau-viz hide-tabs="false"></z-tableau-viz>
    Edit your index.html file from the admin editor > find the z-tableau-viz element > add hide-tabs="false" > save!

If you’d like to upgrade your portal to the latest version, reach out to your account manager or fill out our contact form!